This foreigner quit his job to travel, when he arrived India, what he experienced will move you

What better way to deal with a midweek blue than to meet someone who has fallen in love with the people and culture of our country?

This post by the popular Facebook page, Humans of Bombay just warmed our hearts as much as our culture has warmed the heart of this foreigner.

This foreigner who is visiting India is absolutely in love with the people and the hospitality here. The posts writes:

“I quit my job about a year ago to travel. I realized that I was 39 and working to save up money for tomorrow…but who knows when that tomorrow will even come! I was in South America before I got to Asia six months ago. I reached India before a few weeks and I’ve been in Bombay for about half an hour. I love the people in India — they’re really warm and hospitable. The one thing I’ve picked up about the culture is that everyone loves to have tea as a means of having a quick chat…and I find that so interesting because you may not even know the person but having tea together makes you friends! I think something I’ll always remember is an experience I had in Kolkata. A man who I was generally chatting with suggested that I try a Puchka. I said yes in a hurry and didn’t think too much about it. A couple of days later, when I passed by his shop he asked me if I managed to try a Puchka and when I said I hadn’t — he asked me to wait and before I knew it he had gotten me a plate full of Puchkas from a stall nearby. I know it probably didn’t cost a lot but just the fact that he cared enough for me to try something special made me feel so welcome to this new place. I’ve noticed that Indians go out of their way on so many occasions and I’ve never seen that before….no other place can boast of having such a large heart.”

Not only is the culture so hospitable and warm, what makes us Indians really different is as he mentions how we tend to go out of our way on many occasions. For every Indian who is proud of their culture – we are pretty sure that this was the best thing you have seen this week. While we might still be developing in many areas, our big hearts and welcoming culture haven’t gone unnoticed. This definitely proves we have lived by the slogan – “Guest is god.”