Man creates 50-meter Lego railway track across his home. Get ready for this epic train travel

This man’s love for Lego has pushed him to create an intricate railway route inside his house. Get ready to travel through furniture and different corners around his house, crossing the valleys and dirt mounds in his garden—his model railway is far from being ordinary!

Joseph, from Cairns, Australia, is a train lover. He has lived his dream of building a massive railway track for his trains out of Lego blocks. He created his own scenic railway route by laying down an impressive track formation. In fact, his layout consists of a network of junctions, a station, and corners where one will even get to see other trains speeding by.

The railway model showcases the skills of the talented model maker; it took extensive planning and an impressive achievement in engineering.

“I got myself some more Lego track from last year’s train set. So, this one got a bit bigger, by going around the pool this time! I had my mates to help me out in making the train set and filming it, as well,” says Joseph.

It’s definitely worth it. Every second, minute, and hour spent on making this masterpiece is truly a work of art. Enjoy the scenic train trip!

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | TrainGuy 659