She lost her eyesight due to a doctor’s negligence, today she is India’s first blind CA!

Eyesight is a precious gift! Without which doing the most mundane of tasks feel difficult! Leave working, can you even imagine walking without seeing what is in front of you? The visually impaired are a strong lot! For not just doing the normal things but also achieving the extraordinary! Meet Rajni Gopalkrishna from Karnataka who with her grit and determination became India’s first visually impaired chartered accountant!

Credit: Facebook | Sivaji Bharadwaj

She was nine years old when her mother took her to a doctor for a fever. The doctor gave her a strong dosage of penicillin which reacted badly with her body. She was diagnosed with Steven’s syndrome that affected her eyes. Her vision started deteriorating with each passing day. By the time she completed her, the right eye had completely lost vision. Despite the hurdles life threw at her, Rajni was adamant of doing things on her own.

Representational image. Credit: Pixabay

After graduation, she started applying for jobs but her eyesight posed a problem. She was rejected not on the basis of her credentials but a physical problem which she had no control over! But Rajni was not one to give up! She took up a chartered accountant course. However, studying became difficult as she started losing vision in the left eye as well.

Credit: Herald Of India

“It was tough for me to read the books, I had to keep it close to my eyes and read. Eyes used to get strained quickly. I had to find out alternate ways to keep up with the preparation phase. The solution I could find out is to read for few minutes and next few minutes close my eyes and recall what all concepts I had learned. This method helped me a lot to reinforce the concepts in my mind. This method worked out well as my eyes were getting enough rest,” she told Kalam Fan club.

Soon came a time when she lost vision in her left eye. her friend came to her aid and introduced her to a screen reading software. Rajni appeared for the CA exam in 2002 and passed it at one go!

There has been no looking back for Rajni since then. From Taj hotels to IT giant, Infosys, Rajni has worked for them all. By becoming the first visually impaired CA, Rajni has inspired millions from the differently abled group. Her phenomenal strength is not something we get to see every day!