This 2,000+ meter deep ‘Entrance To Inner Earth’ is world’s deepest cave—UNBELIEVABLE!

Ever imagined visiting the inside of our home-sweet-home Earth! Welcome to Krubera cave, the only known cave that is deeper than 2,000 meters—making it the craziest, deepest point ever explored on Earth, giving it the rightful title of “the entrance to Inner Earth”.

Often called as the EVEREST of caves, this fascinating deep destination is located in the Arabika Massif, in the Gagra mountain range, in Abkhazia, Georgia. The incredible cave has two divisions: one of 1,300 m depth and another of 2,196 m.

Here we present some of the most significant moments of the exploration! ENJOY!

1960: The super cave was found by Georgia-based explorers, who could only reach a depth of 180 meters…

1980: A Russian-Polish expedition discovered three caves in the Arábika system: the Siberian cave, the Henrich grave, and the Berchil cave.

In 1999, the expedition of the Ukrainian Speleological Associations (Ukr. S.A.) led by Yury Kasyan made a major breakthrough in Krubera Cave by discovering two branches behind the windows at a depth of 220–250 m.

By January 2001, the UkrSA explored further to a depth of 1,710 meters or 5,610 feet, a depth that made Krubera the world’s deepest cave.

Explorers from Russia, Bulgaria, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Russia, Israel, Lithuania, and Moldova have also joined this amazing venture!

In August to September of 2009, Kasyan’s expedition team explored the cave further to 1,557 meters…

It was in August 2012, that a team of 59 explorers went down to find out more about the cave, and Gennadiy Samokhin reached a new depth record at 2,197 meters!

Source:Robbie Shone