Baby Orangutan Makes Incredible Recovery

Budi, a one-year orangutan struggled to live a normal life because of being severely malnourished, but with a few steps, young Budi is on its way to recovery.

Budi was very unhealthy when he arrived at the International Animal Rescue (IAR) sanctuary in West Borneo.

Such mistreatment of animals is unacceptable for it is the duty of human to protect animals from danger. Budi struggled to do physical feats due to having a caged life inside a chicken coop, the slightest movement caused him pain and cried every time.

With dedicated care from Budi’s doctors, the young orangutan is able to eat fruits, walk, and climb after two months. Thanks to these kind-hearted men, Budi will be able to continue his life with broader space than he had in the chicken coop.