Cat Man Has Mountain Lions

Most couple would dream of having their own kids after marriage. They will always plan for them and achieve those together, but Mario Infanti and his wife Leonor seems different. Why? Because Mario is the well-known “Cat Man”, as he takes care of a 15-stone mountain lion together with his wife. According to him, Sasha, the lion is already daughter. He also added that Sasha is his 200 pound daughter while laughing.

They decided to keep Sasha and spend even how many thousands for her, than to have their own kids.

Ever since Sasha was a new born, Mario had been with her 24/7.

Now, Sasha can even rip his face but he still chooses to hug Sasha than anyone else in this world.

According to Mario, raising a cougar is a life time commitment, it do not just require you to have the money. You also have to have precious time and dedication in raising them.

When asked if they wanted Sasha to be back in the wild, they always say that Sasha’s life can be worse in there as many people will take advantage, hunt and persecute Sasha.

As for the final statement, Sasha is Mario’s ultimate love of his life.