Cute Black Bear Cub Hand Raised After Being Orphaned

One day, when someone was walking outside the rescue center, they found out a baby bear who is hugging so tight to his deceased mother. This gave them an emotional scenario between the bear and the mother bear. But the stranger immediately got the baby bear and brought it to the nearest sanctuary which is the Bear League in California, From there, Tahoe, the cub already experienced his normal life.

They let Tahoe to play and had himself rolling over the floor.

Tahoe also had an opportunity to play with fruits, as he is staying in the room.

They also bottle fed them to provide its health needs.

Tom Millhan is the secretary of the Wildlife Care, he takes over the abandoned animals here. Tahoe had been here for one month already and is now currently adjusting to his environment. However, Tahoe is planning to return in the wild after a year, when he was able to make his health stable, as well as his living.