Cute Otter is Best Friends With Lions and Hyenas

Another striking animal relationship has struck the hearts of people around the world. This orphaned otter formed an unlikely bond with a lioness and a hyena.

Moses playing with a hyena, a dangerous predator and they get along well with each other.

When Moses the Cape Clawless the otter was just a few weeks old, he was found abandoned by his parents by the side of a river. This Cape Clawless otter is well known for the luxurious hair that they have and are the second largest of all freshwater species.

Another striking friendship with the tiger that is truly beyond human logic.

A policeman found Moses and brought the helpless pup to Annel Snyman at Loebies Guest Farm and Predator Park in Bela Bela, South Africa. Annel, who was also raising lion and hyena cubs in her home, nursed Moses back to health.

To this day, Moses still goes back to Annel’s house to play with his friends.