Fishermen spot 100 beached whales on coast of India—fearing the worst, they leap into action

This short video shows more than 100 pilot whales washed up on the shore of Tamil Nadu, a southern coastal state in India, in January 2016.

Scientists were baffled as to what caused the beaching of such a great number of whales along a 16-kilometer stretch from Alanthalai to Kallamozhi coastal hamlets, reported Mashable India.

Times of India (TOI) reported that at least 45 of these small whales had died. Fishermen reportedly worked through the night to keep the whales in water by pulling them back to the sea. Due to their dedicated efforts, they were able to rescue 36 of the small whales, the report mentioned.

“The whales started reaching the shore in groups around 5pm. It is very strange. In 1973 when we were boys, we witnessed same phenomenon. However, not these many washed ashore then,” Rajan, a fisherman in Manapad, told TOI.

K. Venkataraman, the former director of Zoological Survey of India, told TOI that marine animals like whales, dolphins, and porpoises live in groups, and if there are disturbances or changes in the underwater climate, the group leader might get disturbed, resulting in the disorientation of the whole group.

Video Credit: YouTube | Caters Clips.

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