Heart Touching Wedding Vow Renewal

Broody? Lonely? Vulnerable? On the shelf? You know why you married him. Your bio-clock was deafening, you were on the rebound, you might even have loved the guy (all things are possible) and harbored romantic notions of home, hearth and a happy-ever-after.

You tied the knot, hurled the bouquet, had the honeymoon, stuck the snaps in a padded album, paid off the credit card bill, dry-cleaned your frock, and set about the business of wedded bliss. So far, so nuptial. And then you get the urge to do it again.

Twelve months, a decade, 20 years down the line, that beautiful fairytale rears its ugly head once more.

 This moment was very heart warming to both of them. Especially when the lady decided to tell her touching speech for her husband.