Herman The Scaredy Cat Can’t Believe His Eyes

In Copenhagen, Denmark, there lives Shirley, twenty six who owns an exotic short hair cat named Herman.

Herman is extremely different with his siblings, he was born with these eyes which gives him a startled expression to people whom he first met.

But regardless of his eyes, Herman also loves playing along, he himself on the floor, playing boxing alone and all those things.

But not only that! Herman also has an Instagram account which was followed by almost two thousand seven hundred followers. It is operated by his owner that is why if you wanted to be updated with Herman’s life you better create your own Instagram account and follow @exoticherman.

Well, life really makes us different from the rest to let us shine on ourselves. As people always tend to see the beauty of our siblings and our family, they often see the beauty we have on our selves. That applies to Herman being different with his siblings, and of course to you! You’re also one-of-a-kind.