How Does it Feel to Have the Britain’s Biggest Dog?

Do you know how does it feel to be an owner of the Britain’s biggest dog?

Claire, a thirty-eight year old taxi driver from Leigh-on Sea, Essex who loves to drive a pink barbie cab lives her life with Freddy, the canine colossus and his sister Fleur.

Even if there is no exact measurement yet about the world record, Claire still narrates her experiences being the owner.

As a taxi driver, he spends almost have of his penny for their foods and needs.

Look how tall Freddy is!

According to Claire, she wouldn’t trade Freddy and Fleur for anything else in this world. It is always her happiness seeing them, although they often times mess a lot, they are hard to walk with in the village, they are too heavy, they eat a lot, and they occupy a large space in the house, they will always be Claire’s reason to smile after a long day of work and stress.

Sometimes, it ain’t about the size, nor the breed. It’s the love for the dog that matters.