Lady charged with parking violation faces Judge—when she makes impossible claim, it gets weird

Judge Frank Caprio of Providence, Rhode Island, has gone from local celebrity to internet sensation in a very short time. And a big reason for that is his sense of humor and respectful way of dealing with defendants.

Most of his cases uploaded to YouTube and aired on local channels will make you smile. However, this pleasant, polite judge is not a pushover.

In one of these cases, an elderly woman stepped up to defend against a parking ticket issues in her name.

Carol Taylor asserted that she didn’t own a car, and therefore shouldn’t have to pay the fine.

Judge Caprio, in an effort to put the elderly lady at her ease, asked if maybe she’d been standing in the wrong spot. Once he had her smiling, he got down to business.

After some questioning, Carol revealed that she’d registered a car in her son’s name some years back. However, her son’s car was a Lexus and not a Honda, as states in the ticket.

Judge Caprio had the paperwork for the Honda’s registration pulled up, and Carol admitted that the signature and address were definitely hers. But she still insisted that she had never registered a Honda for anyone.

At this point, Judge Caprio had to go with the evidence and upheld the $30 parking fine. He asked her to check with her son and find out if he’d gotten her to sign papers for a Honda without her knowledge.

Carol Taylor had to be satisfied with that, though she clearly didn’t believe that her son would do such a thing. Much later, when this video was put up on YouTube, Carol’s grandson commented to let viewers know what happened next.

Source: ©YouTube Video Screenshot | Caught In Providence