Lion and Hippo’s Fight in the Wild

At Kruger National Park in South Africa, a fight between the lion and a hippo was captured by a video footage. It was actually a mother fight.

The lions are currently looking for their meal and attempted to hunt a hippo, there they found a hippo calf.

But even before the lions chase the hippo calf, the mother immediately defended her calf from them.

They attacked the lion and the lions fought back, and it was declared as a lion versus the hippo fight in the wild.

Afterwards, the lions went out of the wild without having any single meal, and the hippos do not have any serious injury during the fight.

This scenario in the wild can depict the reality, that often times, people with more power and authority take advantage of their superiority, little did they know that there is something that this subordinates have which can make them loose and be defeated.