Man gets handed something that looks exactly like an egg. But when he cracks it open—it’s weird

We all remember the joys of eating jello as children. Not only did they have a sweet taste, there was always something special about them.

Well, there’s a new way to enjoy jelly: Inside of an egg. The jelly in eggshells recipe combines the Agar Agar jelly and edible flowers then serving them from the inside of empty eggshells.

This recipe may seem a little odd, even eccentric, but it is actually quite easy to do, and it makes for a nice treat for most jello fans. So if you want to make your own jelly in eggshells then here’s what you should do.


So what do we need to make jelly in eggshells? Well, we’ll obviously need eggs, six of them in fact. We will also need 300 ml of water, 3 tablespoons of sugar, some edible flowers and some Agar Agar powder.

If you’re not familiar with Agar Agar, it’s basically an algae based substance similar to jelly. The reason why this recipe uses Agar Agar is that it has better gelling properties than jello and other gelatin products, which makes it easier to handle.

Aside from the ingredients, you will also need the following items:

– A mixing bowl
– A strainer
– A clean container to clean the eggs
– An egg beater
– An empty egg container
– A handled pot
– A fridge


Despite its unusual ingredients, making jelly in eggshells is actually quite easy. The most challenging part is arguably cleaning the insides of the eggshells, but that’s mainly because it requires a little time. So let’s get started.

The first step is to empty the eggs of their contents. This will require opening one inch holes into each egg then pouring their contents into an empty bowl. Do whatever you want with the contents. We only need the eggshells.

Once the eggshells are empty, clean and disinfect them in water. Use the handled pot to do this. Do the same for flowers by washing them in clean water.

Once the eggshells are clean, rinse the edible flowers and insert them into each of eggshell. Place each one inside the egg container then keep it in the fridge, or in a relatively sanitized area.

Now it’s time to make the jelly. Take the handled pot and fill it water. Dissolve the jelly powder in the pot along with some water. Stir the mixture together using the egg beater then boil the water. If you’ve never worked with Agar Agar powder before then you may want to do a test run before making your jelly in eggshells.

Now pour the recently mixed Agar Agar liquid into the eggshells then refrigerate them for about four hours. Once the Agar Agar is firm, remove the eggs from the fridge then serve.

Jelly in Eggshells – Are They Any Good?

In the video, we see the jelly in eggshells being served to various New Yorkers, and many of them expressed more interest on the appearance of the jellies (and the flowers inside) than their actual taste or texture. All in all, most of those who’ve tried it said that they were interesting treats.