Preposterous Pets: Hand Feeding Deadly Crocodiles

Amazes tourists by dropping meals into a hungry predator with his hands a few inches away. Now it’s time to pass the meat, Jason Vargas Aguero, 36-year-old passes this death-defying skills to his teenage daughter.

“I am only giving her some advice so that if one day she wants to do it, she will know how. I’ve explained a lot to her and told her she has to know their behavior, to respect them and to be very, very careful,” Jason says.

This American Crocodiles are the biggest among the reptiles in the world and can grow from up to 17ft and weight under 2000lb. With the help of the crocodile man tour, Jason and his family is able to bring themselves out of poverty.

This man’s bravery is so endearing that he was able to bring his family into fortune, really inspiring.