She thought it was an ordinary Mother’s Day dinner—but when she opens purse pocket, tears flow

On Mother’s Day 2017 in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Dolly Lively’s son and daughter-in-law took her out to a restaurant. She most likely thought it was just going to be a regular meal, but she was in for a surprise and a half! Her emotional response depicted in this video is palpable.

In the video, she slowly unwraps a present wrapped in tissue paper.

Her hands stumble upon a positive pregnancy test, and the tears stream down her face. She reaches for her son and daughter-in-law and says, “I love you so much.”

Knowing that she’s about to become a grandmother, she’s most likely over the moon. She’s awaited this moment for 20 years.

Check out the video to see Dolly’s heartfelt reaction. What an amazing Mother’s Day present!

Video Credit: YouTube | Caters Clips.

Woman Surprised with Pregnancy Announcement on Wine Bottle