Super Hero Rats Trained to Detect Deadly Landmines

Although we may picture heroes as tall, muscular, and athletic, let’s all open our minds for heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They may even take the form of the most unlikely creature that humans find utterly disgusting.

On October 2014, a video surfaced of the highly trained rodents named Mine Detection Rats, or MDR for short have helped clear an incredible 11 million square metres of contaminated land, saving many lives.

Their  highly tuned sense of smell guided them to sniff out explosive material, and when they found one they alert highly trained person-nel to dispose of the dangerous mines.

Across Mozambique and Angola, these hero rats have uncovered 50,000 explosives which includes non-exploded bombs to date. Thanks to this rats the number of casualties and possible danger have decreased.

They are indeed a big hero despite their tiny size.