There’s actually an easy way to debone and fillet a chicken thigh—just watch this

Kungpao Chicken, this is an entry-level Chinese food. Without serving this dish, a Chinese restaurants can not be called a Chinese restaurants. Authentic, delicious Kungpao Chicken must be done in the following way.

Chicken leg is a must, why? It’s because chicken leg has smooth taste while chicken breast tastes dried and old and is hard to marinade thoroughly.

Chicken leg, peeled, eviscerate, cut into small, add salt, egg white, starch, mix. Egg white and starch can make chicken taste tender and smooth.

Now, here’s to make some sauce.
Put soy sauce, vinegar, chicken broth, sugar, starch into the bowl and mix well into sauce.

Next, start frying it.
Pour a small amount of oil in hot wok, add sauteed Sichuan pepper, fry till peppers burnt and scoop them out and leave only oil. This is crucial because it maximizes the release of Sichuan pepper taste.

Put a little oil in the pan and pour in dried chilli, chicken, stir-fry until the chicken is discolored, pour in ginger wire, garlic, scallion and stir well with the sauce and stir fry.

Add a little more chili oil, and some cooked peanuts, stir fry for a short while.

Stir fry with the big fire and rapid action is necessary, or meat can easily get dried.

If you cook following the steps well, you do not have to go to a Chinese restaurant for Kungpao Chicken!