Tiny girl looks like any other middle schooler—but when she lifts huge barbell, I can’t look!

At age 12, most kids are still trying to figure out how to do enough pull-ups to pass their school gym tests. But when you watch Elle Hatamiya step onto the gym floor, you’ll immediately second-guess everything you thought you knew about physical fitness and inner drive.

Hatamiya posted this video on her mom-run Instagram account, showing her practicing the clean & jerk during her training for nationals this past June.

Nine months later, Hatamiya is currently a USA Weightlifting national champion, capable of deadlifting nearly double her body weight and executing a perfect clean & jerk (as shown in this completely insane video) with over 80lbs.

The California native still hasn’t even hit high school, and she weighs in at just 71 lbs.

When you watch her exhibit perfect weightlifting form, though, it’s hard not to be seriously impressed—no matter her size!

Hatamiya has aspirations of reaching the Olympics for weightlifting, but she’s not a one-sport athlete. As impressive as this video is, she’s also a competitive gymnast—as lethal with her flips and tricks as she is with the barbells.

If this doesn’t inspire you to go out and make use of that gym membership, nothing will!

Source: ©Instagram Video Screenshot | elle.hot.tamale