Pet Jack Russell ‘Titti’ Jumps From Rocks With Her Owner

Diving is the sport or activity which allows you to swim and to explore the underwater environment. Carmelo Abela, a 49-year-old diver really loves diving with his Jack Russell Terrier named Titti.

Yes, you heard it right! Carmelo is in partnership with Titti every time he dives.

According to him, Titti is really a brave one that is why he managed to do what a human does.

When he launches himself at the clifftop into the clear blue waters of St Peter’s Pool in Malta, he automatically make it a score of 10.

And will patiently wait for his owner at the cliff afterwards.

Due to Titti’s incredible talent and human-like act, no wonder he already have his fans every time he dives, and it widely increases as his video footage showing him diving with his owner was uploaded on social media.

Do you want to witness Titti dive?