Waiter takes couple’s order—but when the husband sees who it is, he jumps up & holds him tight

This man was totally unaware of what was going to unfold right in front of him while he sat alone in a restaurant. The precious moment is captured in this heartwarming video.

He had no idea when he would see his son again who had been abroad with the U.S. Marines for 14 months.

As he was sitting there reading through the menu, he casually looked up, ready to let the waiter take his order. But instead, to his utter surprise, he saw the familiar face of his beloved son.

His jaw dropped and he couldn’t believe his eyes—his joy knew no bounds. The father and son rushed to embrace each other. The distance that had separated them for so long now simply did not exist. Watch the beautiful moment unfold.

Indeed, no love is greater than the love of parents for their children.

Video Credit: Newsflare.