Woman Shows How to Style Ridiculously Long Hair

If you’re anything like this lady, then you can probably remember being a little girl with some serious long hair envy. Maybe, you can still remember looking at pictures of your mom when you were a kid and just dreaming of the day when you could boast the same flowing, silky, ’70’s hippy hair that she did.

But even if your mom’s awesome hair hadn’t made you want to grow you hair out, all those Disney princess movies would have. I mean, all that stunning, voluminous hair tousling in the wind mixed with all those magnificent, tiara-topped up-dos is enough to make anyone want long hair. Just like this lady named Aliia.

Aliia Nasyrova displayed her incredibly long hair in this video, filmed in Riga, Latvia.

The moment Aliia let her hair down, you realize just how long her hair is and it makes for quite the sight.