DIY: Transform dull wall into an exciting backdrop using strips of tape and paints

When having time on hand what’s better than using it creatively to your liking? The results can be absolutely satisfying!

These two ladies from Australia got together one day and between the two of them, they quickly transformed the backdrop of a room. The result… Beautiful! So, without much ado, here is how they worked their magic.

Youtube Screenshot | Dale Alcock Homes

1. Buy: Painter’s tape, wall paint in two or three different shades of color

2. Start by: Washing off marks from the wall. If you don’t want the wall’s current color as the base, you can paint the entire wall in a color of your choice.

3. Let your imagination free and stick strips of tape forming a pattern.

Youtube Screenshot | Dale Alcock Homes

Paint the individual parts of the pattern in the color and order of your choice

Youtube Screenshot | Dale Alcock Homes

Do not paint beyond the boundary of the tape, as it acts to separate each part of the pattern

Youtube Screenshot | Dale Alcock Homes

It’s a work in progress …

Youtube Screenshot | Dale Alcock Homes

The final result? Isn’t it a great looking wall?

Youtube Screenshot | Dale Alcock Homes

This is the basic idea, why don’t you try it? It’s easy to live with and easy to create!

You can find out more about this painting design in the video below: