Running out of phone storage? These hacks will make sure you have the best smartphone experience!

In this age of technological advancements, smartphones have become a part of our lives. It has definitely made life easier by making things more accessible. You can get world news or stay connected with people all with the click of a button. 

It has been quite some time since smartphones hit the market and you might feel that you know the technology inside out. However, there are some amazing uses of this palm-sized wonder that you are missing out on!

Screen lock message

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Go to your phone’s lock screen and security and add a message under the ‘lock screen signature’. Add a backup email id or number for people to find you in case you lose your phone. This feature can be used for reminders as well!

Use your phone as a CCTV

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Use an old smartphone as a security. You can download apps which sense motion from the app store. This way the camera clicks a picture or shoots video when any motion is detected.

Developer Menu

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We are all familiar with the usual settings options but did you know there’s a secret settings option as well? Go to settings -> About Phone -> click 7 times on ‘Model Number’  and you can change your phone’s signal reception, appearance among others.

Level device

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You don’t have to worry about hanging the photo frames straight anymore. Most smartphones come with gyro sensors, you only need to install levelling apps to turn your phone into a level device.

Apps you are addicted to

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Most of us are addicted to certain apps and a major part of the problem is that we don’t realize it. iOS users can go to the battery option in the settings menu to find out which app they have used the most in the past 24 hours or week.

Cloud storage

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The biggest problem with smartphones is running out of space for storing files. But cloud storage solves that too. You can sign up for cloud storage apps like Dropbox etc.

Smartphone in a cup

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Put your smartphone in an empty cup or glass to increase the volume substantially. Your very own DIY speakers!

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