Reach Mars in 40 days! NASA’s new record-breaking development has made it possible!

Human beings have always been fascinated by space. It is not a new development in our species, ancient civilizations too were equally intrigued by the idea of space. Though we have successfully been to outer space, other planets are something we haven’t reached yet. But a recent breakthrough development by NASA has made it possible for mankind to reach Mars!

Credit: Facebook | StarTalk

Scientists at NASA have announced a new type of ion propulsion thruster that has broken all records. Named X3, the new thruster can achieve much higher speeds.

Credit: Facebook | Space-Time

According to reports, it generated 5.4 newtons of thrust which is higher than any other plasma thruster. It can take humans to Mars in just 40 days according to a Space Academy report.

Credit: Facebook | Planet Mars

X3 can operate for much longer than conventional thrusters and requires less propellant. These qualities make it fit for longer missions where chemical propellants might fall short. Ion thrusters require much less fuel as well.

With a powerful thruster like this one, Mars doesn’t seem too far away!