2 bullies call this mom a ‘fat whale.’ Instead of getting mad, she paid for their drinks

When mom Dianne Hoffmeyer overheard the women in line behind her at Tim Hortons calling her names, she couldn’t stop her tears. Instead of letting it get to her, though, she decided to rise above the nasty names—and set an excellent example for her daughter in the process.

Hoffmeyer went into a Tim Horton’s coffee shop in Fort Gratiot, Michigan, to buy a much-needed coffee for herself and get her teething 22-month-old daughter a treat.

Her daughter had been up all night crying with the pain from her teeth coming in, and the exhausted mom just wanted to do something to make the young girl feel better.

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While she had only been worried about turning the day around, though, a pair of women waiting for their own brews in line behind her were far more critical of the physical appearance she made leaving the house.

They called her a “fat whale,” speaking to one another but clearly fine with Hoffmeyer overhearing. They criticized the roots in her hair, accusing her of looking sloppy and not caring, and made comments about her weight and mental capacity when they saw her order a small box of Timbits donut holes.

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The words cut deep for Hoffmeyer—who, in a Facebook post she published later, revealed she had lost 177 pounds (approx. 80 kg) since her daughter was born.

Instead of letting them ruin her day, though, Hoffmeyer decided to try and kill the women with kindness.

As she posted on Facebook later that day, the mom was sorry her hair hadn’t been dyed recently enough for the women (as a busy mom, she hadn’t had the time to do anything about it) and that her presence offended them.

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She told them she wasn’t going to let them get her down, though—instead, she bought them both their coffees that day.

“You should both be ashamed,” she wrote. “But my mama raised me better.”

As angry as the hurtful words had made her in the moment, Hoffmeyer wanted a chance to show her daughter how to be the better person. The young toddler was a “mini me,” she explained, mimicking everything she saw her mother say and do.

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By buying the bullies their coffee that morning, she hoped that her daughter would learn what kindness is—and why it can be the more powerful factor even when it seems like the bullies have the upper hand.

If she sees the women again, Hoffmeyer said she would buy them coffee a second time. She wouldn’t let them off as easily, though; instead, Hoffmeyer thinks she would have liked to sit the women down and explain to them just how hurtful the words were when they floated through the air at Tim Hortons.

Then, perhaps, she’d be able to walk away knowing two fewer people would be targeting others with hurtful insults.

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