2 friends travel 2,000 miles for ‘Ambush Makeover.’ Jaws drop when their new looks are revealed

A new hairstyle can sometimes do wonders, and not just for how one looks, but for how one feels. Two best friends reunited in New York to see if they’d get lucky in winning a celebrity makeover on the Today Show. And guess what? They got very lucky.

Best friends Annie Berrett and Aura Morrey are huge fans of Today Show’s “Ambush Makeover,” and journeyed to New York City for the chance to get picked for a makeover. The sign that they held, which described them as best friends who live 2,000 miles apart, caught the attention of the makeover team.

“No one deserves a makeover more than my friend Annie,” Morrey told Jill Martin, one of the Style Squad members, Today reported.

Berrett was sent for a makeover, where several inches of her hair were chopped off for a bob with side-swept bangs. Celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari also added some golden highlights to her hair.

Before Berrett was sent out to surprise her family, who were waiting in the studio, Martin had her wear a jumpsuit paired with a cardigan. Then, she revealed her new look to her family—whose astonished reaction is better described by the picture below.

Brad, her husband of 27 years, said, “I met her when she was 15, I was 17, and I fell in love the very first time I saw her.”

When Berrett looked at herself in the mirror, tears rolled down her cheeks. See her before and after shots above.

The surprise didn’t end there, for it was time for Morrey to show off her makeover as well.

Before Morrey’s makeover, Berrett told Martin: “When we met she had bright red hair that was short and adorable.”

So, Licari highlighted Morrey’s red hair by adding a slight copper tinge. The team had her hair layered and topped it off with a side-swept look, which accentuates her bright blue eyes.

When Morrey walked out dressed in a cold-shoulder top and a pair of bootleg jeans, jaws dropped. Morrey was all smiles when she finally got to check herself out.

Now that was a very worthwhile trip to New York, and one that these two friends will share fond memories of for many years to come.

Watch their transformation below:

Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot | TODAY.