400lb man switched to plant-based diet & shed 230lb—now, he inspired 52 people to lose 4000lb

Losing weight can be a difficult task for some people, especially when one is unable to find the motivation to do it. That was once the predicament for one man—until he was able to “achieve the impossible” after being inspired to lose weight—but lose weight he did! He successfully shed 230 pounds (approx. 104 kg), and now motivates his friends to do the same.

Josh LaJaunie, of Louisiana, was a former college football player until injuries caused an early retirement from the game. Over time, bad eating habits and a lack of exercise caused his weight to shoot up. He wore size 54 pants by the time he married his wife, B.J., in 2008.

“I was disgusted and disappointed, because here I was, I had already spent months tryin’ to fix this thing, and the scale I did have … just said ‘error,’” he told TODAY.

But in February 2010, a football game inspired him to change—the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl.

That month, the football team had, as LaJaunie puts it, went on to “achieve the impossible,” and from that moment, “I was forever changed,” he wrote on his blog.

“I had a new image of ‘impossible’ in my head,” he continued. “It was no longer something that was real, an obstruction, an obstacle; it became a mirage.

“I was forever changed because what I had been told all my life would never, could never happen … HAPPENED. It literally changed something in me.”

After watching the Saints win the game, LaJaunie decided to be a winner, and started dieting to lose his over 400 pounds (approx. 181 kg).

Then in 2013, he participated in the 10k Crescent City Classic race. This was no easy task, as LaJaunie weighed 340 pounds (approx. 154 kg) at that time. Nevertheless, he persevered and finally completed the race, which was a huge achievement.

“That race was quite a feat for me,” he wrote.

LaJaunie now follows a plant-based diet, which surprised his brother, Dustin, who has also been on the weight loss journey, shedding 175 pounds (approx. 79 kg) to date.

“He said, ‘I think it’s not more meat. I think it’s no meat is the way to go.’ And I thought he was crazy, because we had just had a discussion before about how not to take everything you read or come across as all of it being fact,” Dustin recalled.

Losing 230 pounds had changed LaJaunie into a devout runner who ended up on the cover of Runner’s World. His weight loss story has inspired a lot of people. When he opened a Facebook group called “Missing Chins Run Club,” the 52 members in the group, who’re all dedicated to burning the fat, have since lost a combined 4,000 pounds (approx. 1,814 kg) together!

Sometimes, joining a group like LaJaunie’s run club can make the keeping-fit journey a lot easier.

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