6 unbelievably simple yet genius alternate uses of daily household things!

Who doesn’t love a good hack! It makes our lives much easier and doesn’t take up a whole lot of time or effort. So we have compiled a list of tips and tricks you can apply to your daily life using objects that you already own!

Freeze a sponge to make an ice pack out of it

Credit: Pixabay.

Put a sponge in a plastic bag and freeze it overnight. Voila! your multi purpose ice pack is ready.

Use rubber bands to open lids

Credit: Pixabay.

We all have those pesky jars in our homes which are impossible to open! You can solve that problem just by wrapping a rubber band around the lid. It provides a better grip and makes the job easier. This works with nail polish bottles too!

Waterproof your shoes using candles

Credit: Pixabay.

Apart from being a saviour during power cuts, candles serve other purposes too. Rub it over your shoes and run a blow dryer over it. The wax will make sure that water doesn’t seep into the shoe.

Use toothpaste to get rid of sweat stains

Credit: Pixabay.

Toothpaste keeps our teeth clean but it can also clean our clothes effectively! Summers mean excessive sweating and that often leaves stains but toothpaste gets the job done. However, it is most suitable for light coloured clothes.

Use sponges to make your veggies last longer

Credit: Pixabay.

Even after keeping them in the fridge your veggies might not last long. The reason is moisture. Sponge effectively soaks up the moisture and keeps the contents fresh. Keep a clean unused sponge with your vegetables when you store them.

Use lemons to keep ants at bay

Credit: Pixabay.

Lemons are a delicious addition to drinks but the juice of a lemon can prevent ants from entering your house as well. Just pour a little on your window sills and enjoy your ant-free interiors!