7-year-old spots discarded lottery ticket—when mom looked closer, she couldn’t believe her eyes

In a story of generosity that had made the headlines, 7-year-old Phoebe Brown picked up a used lottery ticket while shopping with her mom in Independence, Missouri. Phoebe’s mom, Audrey Brown, told Fox2 that her daughter often picks up discarded scratch cards—but this one was different.

“I stepped over a lottery ticket, she sees it and grabs it up and says, ‘mom, mom it’s a winner.’ And I’m like ‘no it’s not,’” her mom recalls, in a 2016 KSHB report.

Phoebe indeed had picked up a winning lotto ticket worth $100. Now the question for Phoebe became how to best use the money.

Her mom recalled: “That day a flier came in from the school to help with the school, bring in canned goods and nonperishable items and she said, ‘Mom, mom, can we do that?’ And I was like, ‘yeah.’”

Phoebe decided to use the lottery ticket money to buy $100 worth of groceries to add to the donations the school had already collected.

This was particularly poignant for Phoebe’s dad, who told the TV station that their family once upon a time relied on the generosity of others in the past.

“There have been times where I’ve been out of work, and we had nowhere to stay and our family’s taken us in, and helped us out. We’re thankful for our friends and our family,” he said.

“You wonder, if our kids these days … if that’s how they’re thinking … this just goes to show you they are thinking that, and that’s a real good thing.”

Phoebe told FOX 4 News her parents have taught her to be thoughtful and kind to others. The second-grader’s generosity certainly would’ve brought a glow to the hearts of those less fortunate families over the Thanksgiving holiday in November of last year.

A little extra bonus for Phoebe was that her class was announced the winner for donating the most to the school’s charitable cause, and their reward—to shave Mr. Horeman’s beard, who’s their gym teacher.

Kudos to Phoebe for thinking of others and selflessly contributing to the school’s collection of donated goods to feed the needy.

Watch the video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | 41 Action News.

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