Brothers perform daring acrobatics on BGT. But when they balance on each others’ heads—judges scream

A daring double act like no other has taken Britain’s Got Talent by storm. If you didn’t see the Vietnamese brothers’ highly precarious balancing act last week, well … it’s not anything you’d want to try at home.

Hailing from Vietnam, Giang Quoc Nghiep and Giang Quoc Co are following in the footsteps of their father and grandfather, who were both circus performers.

The two brothers were trained in gymnastics from an early age, and have certainly got the muscular build required for the gravity-defying feat they’re about to amaze the crowd with.

Some may describe the Saigon duo’s performance as gut-wrenching, because as Co, 34, balances his brother, Nghiep, 28, on his head—the crowd and judges alike are torn between watching in awe or worry, for Nghiep’s safety is on the line.

Most likely, many were watching with bated breath, maybe even sweaty palms. Any wrong move could cause this act to go seriously wrong. Still, the two have been pulling off this hair-raising act for the last decade, and have been daunting crowds in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Co takes it a step or two further, however, as he starts descending the steps with his bro balancing above. When he finally makes it down all the steps and faces the judges, the impressed crowd, who’re on their feet, thinks it’s over … but their relief turns to shock when Co starts backing up…

“Oh no. Not backwards…” exclaims one audience member.

Yes—backwards, back up those steps in the same fashion.

This is even more nerve-racking for the already-rattled crowd, who watch on, looking like they’re just hoping nothing’s going to go wrong. Simon looks like he’s frozen.

Being upside down for so long, Nghiep’s eyes are getting a little red. Not to mention he’s keeping his body totally erect whilst he balances above Co during this whole process. Mind you, his arms and legs move about a bit as he keeps himself balanced, which makes it all the more scary, reminding audience members that this is seriously happening before them.

Any misstep could go horribly wrong, and the pressure was on, especially for Nghiep’s neck.

Going back isn’t as straightforward as going down, pun intended. You’ll need to watch their whole act to see how they execute this hardest part.

In a 2017 report by WordVietnam, Nghiep reveals how dangerous this balancing act is for him.

“…I went to hospital to check my neck, and I found out that it is not straight. It suffers a lot of pressure so now it’s deformed.”

“The doctor advised me to stop my career. But it’s just advice, I can choose to keep doing it. The next time I fall off, my neck could break.”

In spite of the risks, it seems that the brothers’ determination to break their own record and maintain stardom outweighs their concern over Nghiep’s neck. After climbing 90 steps in a minute in Spain, the two won a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the “most stairs climbed while balancing a person on the head.”

Guess one can only wish them luck and just say break a leg, as “now we want to do it faster,” says Nghiep. “I hope 45 seconds for 90 steps.”

Dare to watch?

Video Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Britain’s Got Talent.