Buzzing photo shoot! Pregnant woman poses with thousands bees crawling on baby bump

Most people who like to eat honey most likely wouldn’t come in close contact with bees. But for a woman in Ohio, she doesn’t mind being stung by them and even decided to have a buzzing maternity photo shoot with them.

Emily Mueller, 33, a full-time beekeeper from South Akron, who was pregnant with her fourth child, decided to create an out-of-the-norm maternity photo shoot that most people wouldn’t even fathom—bees on her baby bump. According to MailOnline, Mueller said, “Bees have been a huge part of our lives for the past few years so I wanted to incorporate them into something important to me—like my maternity photos.”

©Facebook | Emily Mueller

Mueller knew that taking photos with bees would attract attention from others, but owning 1.2 million bees in her company, Mueller Honey Bee Removal, which she runs with her husband, Ryan, she finds it completely safe.

“A lot of people think I’m insane but I’m so comfortable with bees so it was never something I had anxiety about,” she said.

On the day of her photo shoot, she was called to a park to remove a hive. She then decided to work with these 20,000 honeybees and have them swarming on her baby bump.

©Facebook | Emily Mueller

“I had been called to a swarm removal that morning so I fed those bees sugar to make sure they would be content and gentle enough to work with,” she explained, adding that the key to the photo shoot was the queen bee.

In order to engage the bees before the photo shoot, she kept the queen bee in the cage in her hand and the bees just followed.

Describing how it felt to have bees swarming on her, Mueller said, “Having them all on me was this clinging sensation. They all stick to you and they are very warm, so it’s almost like when a kitten is walking on you.”

©Facebook | Emily Mueller

Mueller also said she took precautions in ensuring everything would be fine. “I wore a dress that was long and covered my stomach and legs so the bees would be on the outside of my body as a cautionary measure, but I knew it was safe.”

Though she was “stung three times,” she still “felt calm throughout,” adding, “I accidentally squished one with my butt and another under my arm pit, and the third time I was pretending to eat a bee jokingly and I squashed one against my lip.”

©Facebook | Emily Mueller

Despite this, Mueller enjoyed the photo shoot. “The photos were worth it. I love them,” she said.

She also explained why she chose to have such a unique photo shoot.

“Bees represent life and death and they are very spiritual creatures,” she said. “I have three children and I had three miscarriages so it was in tribute to them all.

“I just want to raise awareness about how gentle they are,” she added.

Watch the video below: