She took a bowl and an old pair of jeans, but what she does NEXT is mindblowing!

This woman had a wonderful solution for upcycling unwanted old jeans. She turned them into a one-of-a-kind quilt, which she named “The Fart Quilt!” This colorful piece of handiwork is quite a beauty, don’t you agree?

Credit: Facebook | Hangryfork

Shelly shared her amazingly creative process of making this “super-cute denim” quilt for her second daughter’s 20th birthday on her blog, Hangry Fork.

“This quilt is made from my husband’s old jeans,” she wrote. “I decided to make this quilt 9 rows across and 14 rows long.”

If you find her rag quilt with frayed edges unique and charming, you can try to do it yourself too.

First, she cut up each pair of old jeans along the seams so that she had two pieces of flat denim to work with.

Credit: Facebook | Hometalk

Next, she used a pasta bowl and marker to trace circles onto the inside of the old jeans, before cutting out numerous circles with a pair of scissors. She made 126 circles in all.

Credit: Hangryfork

After this, she worked out the ideal square fabric to fit inside each denim circle. She made the pre-sized squarish template out of a file folder.

“I made a template square out of a manila file, a cereal box would work too. My squares are just under 6″.”

Credit: Hangryfork

She then used a colored pen to mark a square on half of the 126 denim circles, so as to attach marked and unmarked ones alternatively, into a pretty design using pins.

Credit: Hangryfork

She then proceeded to sew the denim circles into even rows.

“I sewed the strips into two large pieces. I didn’t join the entire quilt because I didn’t want to struggle with pushing the entire quilt through my sewing machine when attaching the I spy fabric squares,” she wrote.

Credit: Hangryfork

Subsequently, she gathered a wide range of brightly designed quilting fabrics, and cut the fabrics into squares, using the pre-sized squarish template made out of the file folder.

“I decided to order the I Spy fabric squares from eBay. I didn’t feel like pulling 126 fabrics from my stash and ironing and then cutting out one square from each fabric.”

Credit: Hangryfork

She ironed the fabric squares flat prior to pinning them onto the denim circles and stitching the curved flaps down with the sewing machine.

Credit: Hangryfork

Finally, she attached the binding to the edge of the quilt.

Credit: Hangryfork

The result … a stunning design!

“I couldn’t be happier with the results,” Shelly remarked.

We have to admit Shelly’s efforts did pay off. This quilt is certainly a beautiful work of art.

Try it yourself! For detailed instructions, please visit Shelly’s blog.