Commotion causes 45-min takeoff delay. Surprised by cabin crew response, passenger snaps a pic

When a flight to St. Louis was delayed due to a commotion on board the plane, one passenger was surprised to see how the airline crew reacted. She decided to snap a photo and show it to the airline management.

In early February, Kristen Wiley had boarded her St. Louis-bound Alaska Airlines flight in Seattle, but the plane wasn’t going anywhere despite being late for takeoff. She had already settled down in her seat when she learned that the flight was delayed due to an elderly woman “causing a bit of a commotion.”

“The woman was getting very upset so those of us nearby tried getting the attention of the flight crew,” Wiley told InsideEdition.

Wiley wrote on her Facebook page that the woman, who was with her male caregiver, was suffering from dementia and was confused.

When the airline crew came over, Wiley saw the crew calming the woman down and explaining the situation to the other passengers.

“The incredible staff of #alaskaairlines is being extremely patient and compassionate, in what can only be a very scary situation for her,” she wrote.

“Explaining every step, cuddling her dog, working with her husband/caregiver to find the best solution. In short, the entire crew giving so much kindness.”

Illustration – Flickr | TravelingOtter

After it was deemed that the woman could not fly, Wiley overheard the crew members helping to re-book flights for the woman and her caregiver for the following day. They even provided them with a night’s stay at a local hotel and transportation to bring them there.

“All for them to give it another try the following day after the woman was able to get some rest, and rest for her extremely patient and loving caretaker,” Wiley said.

Though the flight was delayed for almost an hour, Wiley said that no passengers complained about the delay.

To be able to see how the airline handled such a situation, Wiley said that, “it was so wonderful to witness first hand.”

And she wrote that, “This is how I would want my mother, my sister, my aunt, my daughter, my niece, my friend cared for.”

A representative from Alaska Airlines later said: “We are proud of our employees for handling this unfortunate situation with great care. The way this was handled really embodies our core company values of providing kind, caring service and always doing the right thing for our guests.”

As for what happened to the woman, Wiley wrote that the woman’s daughter reached out and “confirmed her mom and dad reached their final destination safely.”

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