Cop goes the extra mile for boy with anxiety disorder after pulling over mom for speeding

A police officer could have just handed the Texas mom a ticket and left, yet he took the time to turn a terrifying experience for an extremely nervous boy into a life-changing event.

During their drive back home, Adrianne Hudson and her son, Jacob, got pulled over by the police in McKinney, Texas, on Aug. 4.

“I usually don’t drive in McKinney at night, and I didn’t pay attention to the speed limit,” Hudson told CBS News.

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The terrifying experience left Jacob anxious. The 7-year-old boy has pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders (PANDAS)—a disorder associated with streptococcal infections that can cause anxiety or irrational behavior.

“The lights and such when getting pulled over were sensory overload for him,” Hudson wrote on Facebook.

As police officer Adam Hamilton approached their car, Jacob, who was sitting in the back seat, began to panic. He was shaking and wanted to flee the car.

I was pulled over tonight by the McKinney Police Department. I didn’t realize I was going over the speed limit. My son…

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“I was kind of overly nervous,” Jacob, a second-grader, told Dallas News. “I thought I was going to be arrested.”

Hamilton noticed how edgy and frightened Jacob was, and even knowing that he did not know the boy has PANDAS, the officer decided to go the extra mile to alleviate his anxiety by inviting Jacob to sit in his police cruiser.

“He initially told me ‘no’. But I guess his mom talked him into it,” Hamilton said.

Posted by McKinney Police Department on Thursday, August 9, 2018

Jacob eventually accepted Hamilton’s invitation, and when he sat in the police cruiser, his mood instantly changed. He became calmer and less afraid.

“Tried to help calm his nerves, and show him that there’s nothing to be afraid of police for,” Hamilton told WFAA.

Later after the traffic stop, Jacob told his mom “how he loves police,” and how “he admires our community heroes.”

Jacob even plans to have a police-themed party for his birthday in September.

Posted by McKinney Police Department on Thursday, August 9, 2018

Jacob reunited with Hamilton at the McKinney Police Department a few days later, and again Hamilton went above and beyond the call of duty by giving the boy a tour around the department.

“That police officer changed my life,” Jacob said.

“Officer Hamilton is a hero in my eyes … and I hope he gets promoted,” Hudson said.

It’s just amazing how a simple act of kindness can make a huge positive difference in someone else’s life. Way to go, officer Hamilton!

Watch the video below:

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