Dad received shoes for 60th birthday—but when he read the card, wife screamed her lungs out

Finding out you are expecting your first child is something precious, and for grandparents, it can be just as exciting. Most of us love that moment when we find out a new grandchild is on the way, but this grandma’s response is out of this world.

Michael and Ashley Krauter were ecstatic when they discovered they were expecting their first child. The couple both work for their church and are devout Christians. They decided to share their good news with the family in a creative way.

It was Ashley’s father’s, Carl Barthelson, 60th birthday, so they took the opportunity to surprise Carl with a present that combined with their good news. Ashley’s mom, Hope, was bound to be excited, so the couple decided to video the moment she realized she was to become a grandma. It’s not hard to see why the clip has had almost 3 million views.

“She is always effervescent, always has a lot of energy,” Michael told ABC News of his mother-in-law. “Hope was definitely very excited when Ashley and I got married. She was very excited about having grandchildren, but didn’t ever want to push or impose. She’s been bottling up all her emotions, so it just flowed out like crazy that day.”

The card to Carl read: ‘You’ll need these shoes, because this present is to keep you speedy for years to come. Grandpa, some birthdays are more special than others.’ Attached to it was a sonogram.

“I knew her reaction was going to be over the top, but I just didn’t know it would be quite that good,” Ashley said. “I didn’t know she would be crying with her fingers in the weird V-shape to stop her mascara. She goes from crying to laughing.”

“We’re just so excited God’s giving us a baby,” Michael said. “The fact other people are getting some of the joy that we have is really special.”

Watch grandma-to-be react to the news; you can’t help but be happy for her!

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Michael Krauter.