Disabled lady’s dog is stolen after her death—3 yrs later, her friends get shocking phone call

This dog that had been the sole companion of a woman who had fallen on bad times, but unfortunately, she got stolen after her owner passed away. She wandered on the streets starving for three years, until one day…

Ladybird, a Staffordshire terrier, had been a service dog to a resident in a Texas facility. Before the resident, who suffered from epilepsy and narcolepsy, passed away, her friends Sharon Henderson and Miss Jane agreed to take care of Ladybird.

“This dog eventually took care of her, was her only family, pulled her wheelchair. Miss Jane and I fell in love with both the owner and her dog. Separately we made sure she got to the vet and got her food and groceries and stuff,” Sharon told FOX7 Austin.

But before either Sharon or Miss Jane could collect Ladybird, she was stolen.

“The neighbor in the living facility called this other homeless guy and he came and took Ladybird in the middle of the night knowing that her wishes were that he not have her,” Sharon said.

“She made a lot of money for people, he couldn’t make any money without her,” she said while talking about the possible reason why Ladybird was stolen by the man.

However, they did not give up hope, and eventually, because of a microchip in her neck, Ladybird was tracked. In September 2017, Miss Jane got the phone call she had been praying for.

“It wasn’t long before we got a call that he was in Portland, Oregon that he had hitchhiked his way whole way there, that whole trip must have been horrendous for her,” she said.

“She said that Lady was found in Portland, Oregon wandering around the streets in traffic, she was 30 pounds. Skin and bones, a big tumor, going deaf, but they called Miss Jane, because of the microchip,” said Sharon.

Both were shocked at her appearance. Later, it was found that the homeless man who had stolen her had died.

“She had eaten in so long, so had no jaw muscles, her head muscles had atrophied and she couldn’t even chew, her ribs were sticking out and she couldn’t even go up two stairs without falling backwards,” she said.

Thankfully, she was quickly taken into foster care, where she received good care and eventually achieved a full recovery. It is incredible how she has finally been found 1,700 miles away!

With her health restored, Ladybird was driven from Oregon to Austin to be reunited with her old friends.

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Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Fox News.

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