Diver films a tiger shark hunting sea turtle—what happens next made him scream underwater!

To start with, it probably is not the greatest idea to be in the water when there is an actively feeding shark. But one daredevil diver took the risk and ended up in a situation that he said he will never forget … and he’s got the video to prove it.

This diver started taking pictures of a tiger shark swimming around with a turtle struggling in its mouth, while recording the whole thing with his action camera. That’s when the shark decided to turn its attention to him.

He posted the video on a spearfishing website and also shared a few words from his experience: “This is what happens when you get in the way of a tiger shark and his dinner!” he said.

“After finding an usual behaved tiger on the flats the other day I did the same thing anyone would and jumped in to have a look, a punter gave me his camera to get some photos although I didn’t really know how to use it …”

You will hear a bubbly noise in the video, which we can assume to be underwater screams, as the diver realizes that the shark was swimming towards him with its mouth wide open.

“… luckily I had my trusty #gopro on me head so I jumped in to find this juvenile tiger was hunting a turtle and started getting some snaps, I was aware of the situation I had put myself in and knew I had to keep my distance to avoid interfering with nature, what happened next I defiantly did not expect and will never forget!!!”

Lucky for this diver, the shark decided not to make dinner out of him and decided to swim away instead.

The video got mixed reactions in the Facebook comments section, with some calling it “cool” and “crazy” and others calling it a “reckless” thing to do. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Facebook Video Screenshot | Spearfishing Reviews.