Dog bursts into bathroom, pulls woman’s arm. When she realized what’s happening—ran for her life

A mom was shocked when the family dog dashed into the bathroom and bit her arm and started pulling. As soon as she stepped out of the bathroom, she saw what the dog was actually doing—he quite likely saved her life!

©YouTube Screenshot | Titus Rivas

Parents Nola and Richard Davis took home a puppy named Patch one day, and their children, Andrew and Clara, were overjoyed to finally have their own dog. Soon, Nola realized Patch was growing to be a very big dog, and their home, which was quite small, was not well suited for Patch. Nola and Richard then held a family meeting to discuss giving Patch away.

©YouTube Screenshot | Titus Rivas
©YouTube Screenshot | Titus Rivas

The parents were met with strong protest from their son, Andrew, who refused to give up their dog. Nola thus agreed to put the decision on hold for a few days while they thought about it.

©YouTube Screenshot | Titus Rivas
©YouTube Screenshot | Titus Rivas

That very night, Nola went to take a bath. With the music turned up loud, she was enjoying her bubble bath when, all of a sudden, Patch dashed in, bit her arm, without hurting her, and started tugging. Nola was so surprised because Patch was afraid of water and hated going into the bathroom. She got up to get her robe and was about to push the dog out of the bathroom. When she opened the door, she saw that the whole house was engulfed in flames!

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With flames licking their heels, Patch guided Nola out of the house to safety, where the rest of her family were waiting.

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Patch had saved her life that day, but he still had more heroics in store. When Nola saw her car next to the house, she was worried and started up the steps to the front door to get her car keys, but Patch blocked her path, growling, and pushed her to get down off the porch.

Then suddenly, there was a huge explosion and the windows burst out of the house.

Patch had saved her life yet again!

©YouTube Screenshot | Titus Rivas

After the incident, the Davises dismissed the idea of giving Patch away. How could they? “He saved your life, so there’s nothing you can really do for that,” said Andrew. “You can’t really repay him for that.” Patch also got an award from the American Red Cross for his heroism.

The family eventually moved out to Montana, to a bigger property, where Patch would have plenty of room to roam.

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