Dog chained & left to starve to death—horrified rescuers then discover what the pooch’s hiding

Mothers—be it in the human world or the animal kingdom—will do anything to care for and protect their little babies. Such being the case for one dog, that did all she could to save the lives of her babies, despite her dreadful plight.

On Dec. 5, 2017, St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue in Louisiana shared a heartbreaking story on Facebook.

“I witnessed one of the saddest sights today. A momma dog tied out to a tree. Her tether so tight,” the rescue group wrote.

The dog, named Libby, was found in a horrible situation, being covered by ants and mosquitoes.

Tightly tethered to a tree with a chain by a heartless human, she was left there to starve to death.

Libby seemed to be guarding something near the bottom of the tree.

When rescuers got close, the dog was discovered to be protecting a bunch of newborn puppies.

Apparently, Libby was forced to deliver her eight puppies under the tree, in the dirt, as she was unable to move.

“She had nowhere to have her puppies. So she did the best she could.”

Even when the rescuers untangled Libby from the tree, she never shifted her attention away from her puppies.

“Her puppies still wet, as she attempted to protect each one,” the group wrote. “This is the LIFE of a chained dog … a pregnant dog.”

Tragically, though Libby did all she could to protect her puppies, one pup died after drowning in the pool of blood.

Libby and the rest of the puppies were then rushed to Bellevue Vet Clinic.

Fortunately, the remaining puppies survived, and Libby gave birth to another four puppies at the vet’s office.

The vet gave Libby an IV due to her low body weight. Undernourished, she wasn’t able to provide enough milk; hence, her newborn puppies were given formula.

“Desperate need of puppy milk. Libby, is so poor. She cannot support her puppies,” the animal rescue group wrote.

Many netizens sympathized with Libby and pledged to make a donation to help the poor dog.

“Breaks my heart. Thank you so much for saving her,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another added, “Please donate. Anyone can donate to her vet bill and care.”

Soon, donations started pouring in…

“Libby had another care package … so excited to see so much compassion. Miracles in the Makin,” read another post on the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue Facebook page.

Authorities are still hunting down the culprit behind this inhumane deed.

Hopefully, Libby and her puppies will find comfort snuggling in their new warm blankets, donated by kindhearted netizens.

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