Elderly lady couldn’t afford her groceries—then, man in line captures what cashier does next

When a man was waiting to pay for his groceries, he witnessed a conversation between the cashier and the elderly woman before him. Seeing the cashier’s outstanding response to the lady’s awkward predicament of not being able to pay for her groceries, the man whipped out his phone to snap a photo of the moment. He wanted to share it with everyone on social media.

It was a normal day in September 2016 for Gary Clark of Indianapolis, Indiana, when he went to a Marsh Supermarket on Kentucky Avenue to shop for groceries. But he didn’t expect to witness a cashier doing a good deed that made him feel proud.

After getting all his groceries, Clark lined up to wait for his turn. That’s when he noticed an elderly woman in front of him.

The woman realized that she didn’t have enough money to pay for her goods after the cashier had scanned all the items.

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Generally speaking, the customer would normally give up a few items in this sort of situation.

But in this case, another type of outcome arose. The cashier paid for half of the elderly woman’s groceries herself.

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Witnessing this heartwarming moment, Clark snapped a photo of the cashier, named Janell, and posted the story on his Facebook page.

“This young lady took money out of her own pocket,” Clark wrote in the post.

Clark witnessed Janell footing half of the elderly woman’s bill.

According to Fox 59, the woman told Janell she didn’t have to pay for her, but Janell said: “You come through my line all the time, and I want to help. I had a good week.”

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Clark’s Facebook post went viral and was reposted on the Facebook page of “Love What Matters” after he urged everyone to “please share and let everyone know our youth is not a lost cause.”

Many social media users who had read the story wrote of similar experiences where someone offered to pay for them.

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“I once had a man behind me pay for my baby’s formula when I was one day to [sic] early to use WIC and the whole time he said its for the baby!!! Never knew him or his name and its been 10 years but I think of that kind gesture often!!!” one user wrote.

Another added, “I once went to 711 to buy a coffee and for some reason my debit card wouldn’t work… The cashier paid for my coffee. It was so sweet. Pay it forward everyone!”

Watch the video below:

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