Family find mysterious box stating ‘Open ASAP’ in driveway on Halloween—frightened, they dial 911

This family had an usual scare on Halloween when a huge wrapped box was discovered on their driveway. If this was a Christmas present, it came two months early and definitely warranted an investigation by the police.

©YouTube Screenshot | Inside Edition

Halloween is associated with pumpkins, candies, costumes, and spooks galore—not presents. So imagine the surprise of this family in Cross Plains, Tennessee, when they found a gift-wrapped box on their driveway last Halloween with a giant label reading “Open ASAP” on it.

Open they surely did not. A call to 911 was made to report what they found. Here’s basically what was said on the call:

©YouTube Screenshot | Inside Edition
©YouTube Screenshot | Inside Edition

When police arrived, the 36-inch box could not be missed. It was apparently left in the middle of the driveway.

“The flap wasn’t even secured down,” Robertson County’s EMA Director R.L. Douglas told Inside Edition.

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Taking advantage of the opening, police used a video scope to inspect the contents of the box for a bomb or powder. Fortunately, there was none. Instead, officers found a teddy bear and love letters.

“I thought it was somebody just horsing around, and basically, that’s what it was,” Douglas said.

It didn’t take long for officers to identify the lady who sent the package. The gift was intended for a young man she had met on a dating website. The man somehow chose not to make further contact with the sender, and this was her attempt to get his attention.

Officer Logan Abernathy (YouTube Screenshot | Inside Edition)

“There were love letters, two love letters, a photograph of a female lying in the river, clothed, and it was an attempt to contact a man she met on Tinder,” Officer Logan Abernathy told WTVF.

©YouTube Screenshot | Inside Edition

Perhaps next time, the sender will think twice about any more personal deliveries, and consider the postal service instead … less chance of it being mistaken for something else, right?

See the video below: