Football game was about to start. When player sees someone standing in the field he loses it

In what seemed like a normal football game at a high school in Connecticut, one player was surprised to see that an “honorary referee” was present at the game. But things soon took an amazing turn when he realized who this “referee” really was.

In September 2017, Cole Egersheim, 17, and his twin sister, Olivia, were at the Jonathan Law High School for a football match where Cole was playing football for the school while Olivia was cheering the team on as a cheerleader. Before the match started, the referee announced that an honorary referee was also present at the game.

The teens were shocked to find that this gentleman was actually the twins’ father, Master Sgt. Joe Egersheim, who was deployed in Kuwait and had not seen them for more than a year!

Recalling the moment, Cole told ABC News, “We got down to the field and then the referee said, ‘We have an honorary referee,’ and I didn’t even think about it until he said, ‘Joe,’ and then he started laughing. Then I knew it was him because I recognized his laugh. I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ then I bent down and just absorbed it for a second, then got up and hugged him.”

©Facebook | Joseph Egersheim

Once Olivia realized it was their father on the field, she ran over and hugged him. She told ABC News, “I was so excited to finally see him after a year. When I saw that Cole realized it was our dad, I ran out there because I wasn’t expecting him there.”

“I was nervous. My biggest concern was how he was going to react. When he plays football, he’s very focused. But what I got was the greatest reaction ever,” Master Sgt. Egersheim recalled.

The surprise was planned by their mom, Robin, and she had wanted to see this touching reunion.

“It was priceless and that’s really what I wanted. It was very special to see Joe surprise them like that. We’re very close to our kids. It was just an awesome, awesome feeling,” she said.

To top it off, Cole’s football team won the match that night.

“My son played a heck of a game. When I was talking to him I said, ‘You gonna give me this game?’ and he said, ‘Yep, this is your game.’ My son kept his word. He’s a heck of a football player. I’m very proud of him,” Master Sgt. Egersheim said.

Watch the video below:

 Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot | Inside Edition.