Garth Brooks sees 5-word sign in the audience—after reading it, he plays unusual song for fan

Country rock superstar Garth Brooks certainly has a knack of keeping every performance fresh and engaging. Towards the end of his final concert at Cajundome Stadium in Louisiana last year, he spied a placard among the crowds, which read—“Elvis was my last concert.” After discovering that the owner of the placard was a petite lady celebrating her 89th birthday, he set out to make her night unforgettable.

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Garth Brooks, 55, has solidified his status as The Best Arena Act Alive during his World Tour. Brooks is immensely successful being a class musician in every way. He is the top-selling solo recording artist of the 20th century, has sold 149 million albums, and is the only five-time winner of the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year award, according to The Acadiana Advocate.

During Garth’s five-day Layfette Tour in 2017, he sold a whopping 470,000 tickets, filling the Cajundome Stadium in Layfette, Louisiana.

Here we have a lovely moment that made his last performance at Cajundome Stadium all the more special. Through the crowds of fans in the audience holding lighters, cell phones, and cameras, Garth spotted an elderly lady called Laura.

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Laura was celebrating her birthday with her daughter and granddaughter, who were with her amongst the cheering crowds of fans. At the end of the performance, after singling people out in the crowd and warmly engaging with them, Garth made his way towards the lady with the placard.

Upon learning her name, Garth paid Laura a beautiful compliment, saying, “You’re 89? You look fantastic.” Laura looked ab-so-lute-ly radiant.

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Having been recently widowed, Laura took time out to be a part of the night of country entertainment at the stadium.

From Laura’s sign, we learn that she actually had the honor of being present at an Elvis concert—over 40 years ago!

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Garth was so impressed with Laura, and started serenading her with a soulful song, “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” which was sung by Elvis. The beautiful lyrics of “Tomorrow never comes, will she know how much I loved her,” rang through the auditorium, and especially in Laura’s ears. It was a wonderful moment for everyone in the stadium.

Garth himself was very happy to meet Laura and her family, posing with them and fans for photos. But, then came the BIG moment that no one saw coming.

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Garth gave Laura the best birthday gift she could ever receive from a musician. He gave her his guitar! What an incredible memento from a great soul and an unforgettable musical experience!

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