Girl gets refrigerator-sized graduation gift from dad—she drops to ground upon opening it

Graduating from high school is an important event in a teenager’s life. That’s why this dad went to great lengths to give his daughter a special gift, which she’ll cherish forever.

In May 2017, Tami Norton graduated from Thunder Ridge High School in Colorado, and her family came together to celebrate this significant milestone.

Tami’s dad, Tim Norton, had something up his sleeve. He directed her to the front yard, where a giant graduation gift sat on the grass.

The box is so gigantic! Tim had spent a few hours calling around town to get this huge box, and one lady even told him, “Sir, I think that’s illegal..!” Finally, he managed to find a 6-foot-tall gun safe box at Murdoch’s.

Tami had no idea what her father had gotten her.

She struggled to remove the shiny blue wrapping from the gift box with a pocketknife, while her friends and family members chimed in, “Don’t break it, Tami, there’s fragile stuff in there.” Another yelled: “I feel like it’s a giant puppy. Get it out before it can’t breathe!”

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The blonde teenager then used both hands to pull the black handles of the refrigerator-sized box.

“Pull, Tami, pull!” Tim shouted.

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When Tami finally opened it, her older sister, Brittany, as well as Brittany’s boyfriend, Jim Goodliffe, jumped out of the enormous box!

Tami thought Brittany couldn’t attend her graduation ceremony, so she was totally caught off guard.

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Shocked and elated, she dropped to the ground with her sister, hugging and giggling.

She was clearly overwhelmed to see Brittany, who lives in a different state—Arizona. The two sisters had not seen each other since Christmas 2016.

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This surprise reunion was filmed and shared by Tim on social media.

“She was sad that her sister wasn’t going to be able to make it to her party,” Tim wrote on YouTube. “Needless to say, Tami was quite emotional to find out her sister was going to be able to share in her graduation party and her graduation ceremony. They’ve always been very close.”

The video was reposted on the Love What Matters Facebook page, and has since garnered more than 1.5 million views. The bond shared between the two sisters resonated with many viewers.

“This is awesome! I feel the same way whenever my sister comes to visit and I’m 35, lol!” one Facebook user wrote.

Another added: “Totally understand that sister bond. It’s unconditional love.”

“It put a frog in my throat seeing Tami’s reaction to Brittany. I’m glad we were able to pull it off..,” Tim wrote.

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There’s nothing quite like the bond shared between sisters!

Watch Tami and Brittany’s sisterly love in the clip below:

Source: Scribol.

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