He thought he heard a child’s cries above shop—so he takes out his hammer and starts banging

A man was working in a store when cries for help caught his attention. Thinking it was a child crying, he searched high and low for “him or her,” and finally found the trapped “child.”

In January, Ricardo Sardinha was working in a grocery store in Guarulhos, Brazil, near São Paulo, when he heard a strange cry. He thought it was a child crying nearby.

“Everything started when I heard his meow. I thought it was a child crying, but no, it was a kitten asking for help,” Sardinha told Love Meow.

He searched around his store but couldn’t find the animal and left for home.

When he returned the next day for work, he discovered that the kitten was trapped behind the store façade that was next to his store.

The shop next door had been closed for over a week due to renovations, so no one knew how the kitten got up there, though some believed that the kitten climbed up the façade from inside the shop.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Elvis Sardinha

“I took a ladder and a hammer to rescue him,” Sardinha said.

Though Sardinha knew the kitten was trapped behind the wooden planks, he didn’t know the kitty’s exact location and had to pry open one plank at random to search for it.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty…

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Elvis Sardinha

When Sardinha pried open one of the middle wooden planks, the kitty walked out by itself without any prompting from Sardinha.

Sardinha quickly grabbed hold of the kitten with one hand and hammered back the plank before descending from the ladder.

The whole rescue process was captured on video and later uploaded to Facebook by Sardinha’s brother.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Elvis Sardinha
©Facebook Video Screenshot | Elvis Sardinha

“I gave him water and food. After that I brought him home,” Sardinha said.

Sardinha, who already has three cats at home, said his whole family loves animals.

“Now he has a home and a family with a lot of love to give him. We named him Angelino,” Sardinha said.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Elvis Sardinha

The adopted kitten was named after the previous shop owner next to Sardinha’s grocery store.

The Facebook video has since been viewed more than 31,000 times, with many Facebook users praising Sardinha for rescuing the kitten and adopting him.

Watch the rescue process below:

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