Kids are playing when a sand cave collapses, burying 5-year-old girl—then a boy saves her life

An 11-year-old boy was hailed a hero for saving a 5-year-old girl’s life. The little girl escaped a tragic fate—all thanks to the boy’s quick thinking.

Back in July 2013, Connor Fitz-Gerald, 11, was playing on the sandy beach at the Marina Dunes in California.

Just when Connor was having a fun time making sand caves with some other kids, something horrifying happened.

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All of a sudden, a sand cave collapsed on 5-year-old Alyssa Bostic and ended up burying her.

Realizing there were no adults nearby, Connor leaped into action.

©YouTube Screenshot | KSBW Action News 8

Connor quickly dug away the sand around the area where he thought Alyssa’s head might be.

Then, he dragged her out from under the dunes.

©YouTube Screenshot | KSBW Action News 8
©YouTube Screenshot | KSBW Action News 8

Having been buried under the dunes for several minutes, Alyssa’s eyes and mouth were covered in sand. She was unable to breath and eventually lost consciousness.

The girls playing nearby ran away out of fear, so, Connor lifted the unconscious girl and carried her to a flat area all by himself.

©YouTube Screenshot | KSBW Action News 8

Alyssa lay there limp and lifeless, and her chances of survival seemed grim. But, instead of giving up hope, Connor began performing CPR on the little girl, which he learned from the TV police drama show “NCIS.”

Several minutes later, Alyssa’s father arrived at the scene, and immediately dialed 911.

©YouTube Screenshot | KSBW Action News 8

When paramedics arrived at the scene, they said Connor’s CPR made a difference in saving Alyssa’s life.

“I’m glad he was able to sit back and think, ‘OK, something is going on, there’s not a parent here. I know we’re at least a quarter of a mile away, I need to do something,’” Connor’s father, Tim Fitz-Gerald, told KSBW Action News 8.

©YouTube Screenshot | KSBW Action News 8

Luckily, Alyssa pulled through and made a full recovery. Days later, the little girl was with Connor to retell the story to the media.

“I feel good,” Alyssa said.

©Video Screenshot | Ksbw

And Connor’s act of bravery did not go unnoticed. He was given the National Youth Hero Award from the American Legion Auxiliary on Veterans Day in 2013.

©YouTube Screenshot | KSBW Action News 8

Given Connor’s young age, it’s amazing he was able to stay calm and level-headed in such a life-threatening situation. Way to go, Connor!

Watch the video:

Source: KSBW Action News 8.

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