Kids digging in front yard discover 1974 Ferrari Dino—but there is more thrill to this story

People find strange things in their backyards from time to time. Maybe some old relic, or money, but for this family they discovered a real treasure. Imagine the shock they experienced when they saw what had been buried right under their noses.

In a Los Angeles neighborhood in 1978, two boys who had just moved into their new house with their family were digging around in the front yard when they hit the jackpot. It was every boy’s dream to own a Ferrari, and here was one buried underneath them. What a find!

The family had just recently moved into the house, so when the boys uncovered the buried Ferrari, the family called the authorities, and the car was excavated. It turned out to be a 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS.

It had been preserved in the dirt, as it was covered in cloth and filled with towels. Luckily, the weather had been dry, so there was little damage to the precious prize. The story goes it was buried there in an empty swimming pool. But it remains a mystery who buried it, and why they didn’t come back to dig it up. Perhaps they had been doing time for other crimes they may have committed, as the police had more to say on this.

A police investigation ensued, and it was found that the car was stolen whilst the previous owners were out to dinner at the Brown Derby restaurant in Los Angeles.

Farmers Insurance paid out on the car, and the discovered trophy that had made headlines was auctioned off to the highest bidder, Brad Howard, at a bargain price of $9,000. Imagine what it’s worth now, in 2018.

Howard had it restored by Ferrari mechanical expert Giuseppe Cappalonga, and the Ferrari proudly displayed the number plates that tell the story—“Dug Up.”

“I’ve always like the Dino,” says Howard in a JALOPNIK ON/DRIVE video. “It’s small, it’s very manoeuvrable. I like the go-cart feeling. It’s one thing to go 200 miles an hour, but you can never find a place to really do that legally, not even close to. At least with the Dino you can get the performance out of it. It’s just an amazing handling car.”

The beautifully restored Dino is sure to be the envy of many admirers.

Not many cars can lay claim to have gone to the grave only to be resurrected!

Quite a story for the lads who were digging around in the front yard to tell their friends!

Watch the incredible discovery in the video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Drive.

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