Restaurant plans menu to deal with ‘fussy kids’—the viral list sparks debate among netizens

Most restaurants have a kids’ menu, and they usually try to liven it up with colorful pictures and make it look fun. For this particular establishment, however, they decided to get a little cheeky, as parents all know how kids can be! The humor did not go unnoticed after it was posted on Reddit, and more than a few Reddit users decided to have some fun with their own menu ideas!

Restaurant menus are usually very similar in style: a fun name for the dish, sometimes with a fun description, lively and colorful pictures, sometimes with cartoon characters or kids’ decorations, and of course, usually a slightly smaller price. Straightforward and simple, there’s no need to make it complicated!

This menu posted on Reddit was a little different, however, as they skipped out on all the fun stuff and sided with the parents instead! Kids can be fussy eaters; they can also be finicky about when they’re hungry, and that can make dinnertime a pain sometimes. So, this menu says it like it is! Just have a look for yourself:

©Reddit | nabced

Reddit user nabced posted a picture of a kids’ menu to the popular social media site. Looking at the names of each dish, it’s a clear nod to all parents:

I don’t know … $3.50

I don’t care … $4.00

I’m not hungry … $3.50

I don’t want that … $3.50

These are all-too-familiar phrases parents hear when trying to order food for their little ones. Seeing such names, parents are sure to get a good chuckle; it’s sure to make ordering a breeze as well:

“What do you want Jimmy?”

“I don’t care!” Done.

Responses from Reddit users were also quite humorous. One pointed out an interesting observation that all the items include french fries, and perhaps that is the secret to keeping kids happy while dining out!


This Reddit user came up with another novel dish (which will also include french fries).


For future consideration to add to the menu, how about, “It wasn’t me,” and “Are we there yet?”